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The Bridal Trial Process


What to expect at your Bridal trial...

Your bridal trial appointment will be filled with my romantic, natural glam style, getting to know each other, and tons of laughs!  My hope is that we will find the perfect look for you that is detailed and customized to your vibe and bridal goals.

For your bridal hair trial, we will try a maximum of 2 hair styles. Any more than that will require a second trial at another date. 

For your bridal makeup trial, we will try one look by starting out soft and natural and going more dramatic to your liking. 

How to prepare for your Bridal Trial

For your bridal hair trial, it is recommended you come with your hair washed and dried smooth/straight from the night before without the use of the flat iron. Flat irons will mess with the integrity of your hair and your hairstyle will not hold if you have flat ironed your hair. 

I recommend bringing your hair pieces, your veil and any jewelry you plan to wear so you can see how the entire look will be. 

For your bridal makeup trial, it is recommended you come with a clean and bare face. You can bring favorite makeup products of yours if you feel comfortable but I have everything we will need!

Please bring inspiration pictures to your trial that are similar to your hair color, hair texture, face shape and skin/eye tone.

Please wear either a white top, a top similar to the top of your wedding dress or something more formal rather then a casual shirt. Sometimes it is hard to see a formal hair/makeup look on a casual outfit.


When should I schedule my Bridal trial?

It is recommended you should  schedule your trial 2-4 months before your wedding date.


I always recommend to schedule your trial on the day of your wedding dress fitting that way you can see the entire look and see if you love how it flows.


Trials are held at Styles by Marcella Salon suite Wed-Fridays. Weekends are reserved for weddings.

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