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Welcome Gorgeous! I am Marcella, a NYS Licensed Hairstylist and Certified Makeup Artist proudly serving Long Island, New York.   

When I was little, my mom always tried putting me into recreational sports with my three older brothers. . I would go kick one soccer ball, hit one baseball and then ask to go home and play with my dolls hair and ask to do my moms makeup. 

I truly believe that this led me to my passion and why I decided to go to Cosmetology School in 2010. I have been a stylist and artist for 11 years and have never been more in love with my brides and clients or my craft then I am now. I specialize in Bridal Hair and Makeup, Sun Kissed balayage and boss babe blowouts! Each year, I continue to invest in bringing you updated skills and ideas to keep up with the most current trends!

As a self care and women empowerment advocate, I know exactly how important it is to feel special, pampered and beautiful in a relaxing environment. I have designed my salon suite experience in a way that will make you feel uplifted, relaxed, and more confident than before. While on location for your beautiful wedding day, I bring that exact feeling to wherever we are. 

When I am not at the salon or on a wedding, you will usually find me out east discovering new places and treats with my boyfriend, with my family or friends, or taking a peloton class! I may even know a few secrets to washing your hair less after an intense Cody or Alex ride! I am also very much into personal development, woo woo and astrology! Need to know about your sign, leveling up or the next retrograde? I'm your girl!


If you are ready to up level your everyday hairstyle or  achieve your bridal hair or makeup dreams click below to learn more about my salon or bridal services.  I am SO excited to meet you gorgeous! 

If you are one of my returning clients that I adore and you would like to request an appointment online, CLICK HERE … I cant wait to catch up! 


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