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Melissa and Danny's Wedding!

Melissa found me on our towns local Facebook Group. Turns out we only lived a few blocks away from each other but never met since she was a few years older then me! She let me know she had a few trials before hand but none of the hairstyles ever stayed in her hair. I knew I was going to be challenged with her hair since it was extremely long and heavy but I used my trusty Enzo Milano curling wand and BAM! She texted me the day after her trial saying how her curls held up ALL night and that she wanted to book with me! I was so thrilled since I myself have the problem of NO curls ever holding in my hair- Unless I use that wand!

Her wedding morning ran smoothly and I was able to style her into a half updo! She was so happy that she used me for events after her wedding! She also welcomed her precious baby girl, Alessia in Sept 2017!

Congratulations Melissa and Danny!

xox Marcella

Hair: Styles by Marcella, Marcella

Makeup: Unknown

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